Kenobit: stickerz n’ glitchez.

After the collaboration with my friend Kenobit for this trailer, we decided to cooperate again, this time for a sticker he decided to print.
As a fanboy of his work, i went apeshit once again:

Draft and concept:

Final choice:

Bonus pixel art:


2K15_FGC tournament posters

In the year 2k15, i’ve been promoting my comic book about fighting games “L Tiers“, showing the project to the italian fighting game community and offering my skills to the tournament organizer for graphics and event posters to make myself a name in the community;
So i met the members of IGC (Italian Gaming Championship) and i’ve been collaborating with them for the following works:

The colosseum: Smash in Rome
(Super Smash Bros Wii U)

Generally, IGC goes straight to the point with the commissions: they know what their players wants and what to ask me, however for this particular work the organizer decided to let me do the work “freestyle” so i decided to focus on the composition of the picture, starting by the SSM symbol: the smash ball
Using it as a layout, and adding a Colosseum planimetry to the compoisition to close the gap between Charizard’s head and tail:

Since IGC secondly asked for a T-shirt for the event: i had to adapt the picture for a more graphical (3 colors max) layout.
The official IGC fanpage launched a pool to choose the best color palette and the winner got to be printed and selled at the tournament:


Early Celebration
(Guilty Gear Xrd and BlazBlue CS Extend)


The 2K15 EVO’s GG Xrd top 8 is by far part of the EVO history thanks to this.
Legends will never let this moment be forgotten…the IGC guys knew that, so they asked me to recreate the most tragic of prematures pop offs, by switching the characters with the players (Milla Rage as Woshige and Zato as Ogawa) in the tournament poster:

An animation for the trailer:

Virtual Fighting Cup: Final Round
(Ultra Street Fighter 4)


8 players, 8 mains.
The final bracket of the Virtual Fighting Cup is the protagonist of the  poster event.
IGC asked me to draw the players as their main characters from Street Fighter:
-Guy: top left
-Bison (dictator): top center
-E.Honda: top right
-Seth: left center
-Dudley: right center
-Sagat: left bottom
-Akuma: center bottom
-Abel: right bottom

This is an important event, so i decided to do “character specific” graphics for the interludes between matches for the livestream:

And of course, the 3 colors T-shirt:



As a side note, i’ll post some WIP of this poster that i’ve made for a Smash tournament in Sicily.
The two version of the print were given away as prizes for the 1st and 2nd  place holders.